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Our quest for innovation has taken us far and wide, through the four corners of the globe.


We have seen beauty and experienced luxury, but what we didn’t expect was to find the most extraordinary of treasures in the last place we dared to search: home.


Amesiella is a sustainable online retail brand that bridges our past with our future.

We are rooted in tradition, art, culture

and heritage.

We forge innovation through science and technology, elevating fashion to

new heights.

We exist with a strong mission to preserve

the local savoir faire and to reach

world-class excellence.


We aspire for global impact that empowers our fellow Filipinos and the rest of the world.


We dream of creating a lifestyle brand that shall persist way beyond our years and of ourselves.

We will strive to be stewards of our environment.


One of our missions is to create a conservation fund for the protection of the now critically endangered Amesiella orchids.


We will respect our local and indigenous ways of life.

Provide sustainable livelihood, opportunities for homegrown artisans, innovators and designers.


Education is vital to our growth.

Our creative process is backed by years of research, experimentation and exploration alongside anthropologists, educators and researchers in the fields of art and sciences.


We plan to share our journey through a documentary film, a coffee table book and traveling exhibitions worldwide.


We shall pass on the great story of Amesiella as the embodiment of Filipino ingenuity, creativity and excellence.


Founder / CEO

With over 10 years of experience as an international interior designer, FF&E specialist, and art consultant, Jeniffer has built a formidable reputation in the hospitality and high-end design industry in the Middle East. 



After a successful career in Singapore, Chris took the great challenge of building the company along side Jeniffer. Together, they envisioned to transform the hospitality, interior design, fashion and retail industry in the Middle East & Asia. 


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